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Goboo Crowdfunding Has Arrived - Here's How to Use It and Save Big
Hey Gobooers! Goboo is very excited to be launching its new crowdfunding platform. As you know, Goboo is often the first to bring you the latest products from the hottest brands, and often at the lowest price. Now, through the use of Goboo Crowdfunding, these brands will be able to bring you even better value when launching new products. How? By allowing you to support projects before they launch, these brands can now make sure they can sell the quantity necessary to make sure that they can guarantee low prices. In other words, everyone wins! What's more, you can save even more if you're quick to the draw by grabbing brand-new products at the super early-bird price! Each product launch offers a super low price available only to the very first project backers. For example, in the new HOTO Tool Set Series project, the first 50 backers of the premium set get a full 50% off, bring the price down from 199€ to just 99€. You can learn more about the HOTO Tool Set Series crowdfunding project in our previous blog. And finally, if find a project interesting but don't want to back it immediately, you can still boost the project to help it out. Without further ado, then, why not check it out for yourself? Let's take a quick look at this project to get a better idea of how the process works. Step 1 Find a project you're interested in Click into the project page for the project you are interested in. Here is the project page for the HOTO Tool Set Series, for example. You'll be able to find projects on the Goboo Crowdfunding main page or by following Goboo on social media. Step 2 View basic project information Take a moment to check out the basic project info. You'll be able to see the number of backers so far, how long the project has left, and the estimated shipping date. You can also learn more about the brand as a whole by clicking the brand profile. Step 3 Learn more about the project and find the level that's right for you Scroll down to learn more about the project and what you'll get for backing at various levels. In addition to product features, you'll be able to see the super early-bird price (how much the very first few backers will pay), the early-bird price (how much other backers will pay) and the original price. There may also be additional tabs to review, such as the brand story or a hands-on review. Step 4 Back the project If you decide you want to back the project, choose the level that works best for you. Then, select the color and any other variables and click "Back this project." Step 5 Add shipping and payment information Finally, fill in your shipment and payment information to complete the order. Once the crowdfunding is complete, the project will be delivered sometime around the estimated shipping date. Happy crowdfunding, Gobooers! That's all! Be sure to follow Goboo and subscribe to our newsletter for more information on the latest crowdfunding projects and more great deals and launches.
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Which HOTO Tool Set is Right For Your DIY Projects?
Hey Gobooers! If you've been bitten by the DIY bug, then you've probably already checked out a few HOTO products. Now, they're stepping up the game by rolling out a series of can't-miss tool sets – three sets total, each meant to meet the needs of different levels of DIY lifestyle. In contrast to bulky, old-fashioned tool kits, HOTO's tool sets won't be an eyesore if you leave them out on a table or in the corner of a room, though they are slim enough that they won't take up much storage space if thrown in the closet. Another key difference is that, depending on which set you choose, it may include power tools – an electric screwdriver or drill – which would have been a practical impossibility in the old days of massive wired drills. The tool sets are launching on Goboo's new crowdfunding platform. Why? It boils down to this: The platform allows brands to bring you their products at a better value. You can find all three HOTO tool sets on the crowdfunding platform from now until 8:59 (UTC+2) - but to get it at the absolute best price (up to 50% off), you'll have to act quickly, because there are only 20 to 50 available for each set at the super early-bird price. To get your hands on one of these tool sets, you just need to back the project on the platform. You can back at one of three levels, and the level you choose will determine which of the set you receive. So, that brings us to the question at hand – which set is right for you? Ultimately, that will depend on how much time you are planning on spending on DIY projects. To help you decide, let's go through each of the sets one-by-one. The Hand Tool Set From 39,99€ (super early-bird price, 69,99€) Just starting out on DIY? In that case, you may not need any fancy electric tools – just stick to the basics! It's got all the hand tools you would find in a traditional tool kit, all fit compactly into a slim box, including an adjustable spanner, a pair of multipurpose needlenose pliers, and claw hammer. The hammer also comes with a rubber cover for when you need a softer blow. The self-lock measure tape is an improvement on the button-lock tape measures you might be used to. The tape automatically locks into place, and you can press the button to retract. As mentioned, the screwdriver is manual, but it's nonetheless the only manual screwdriver you will need in the house, because it comes with a series of bits that can easily be switched out at any time. Altogether, the basic set will get you through just about any project around the house. But if DIY projects are a regular habit in your home, then you might be thinking that it would be nice to switch out the manual screwdriver for an electric one in order to up productivity – or better yet, a two-in-one drill and electric screwdriver. If that's the case, then check out the premium sets below. 3.6V Screwdriver Tool Set From 59,99€ (super early-bird price, 99,99€) This set has everything included in the basic set , except that the manual screwdriver has been replaced with a wireless electric screwdriver. If this is the tool set for you, then I won't need to tell you how much of a time-saver this will be when assembling various odds and ends. It's also precisely the same size as the basic set– a rectangle about 17cm by 27cm – and roughly the same weight at about 1.8kg. Not to be confused with HOTO's other electric screwdriver, the screwdriver included in this set is cylindrical rather than drill shaped. Even so, the screwdriver's wide head can make it difficult to fit into tight corners. For that reason, it does come with an extension bar – about 6cm long. That should be enough to fit into most spaces, but you might want to try it out for yourself before chucking your old manual screwdriver. You can get about 1000 screws in on one charge. Once you've used up the charge, any USB-C cable will do the job, and one is included in the box. 12V Brushless Drill Tool Set 99,99€ (super early-bird price, 199,99€) Now we're getting serious! If you want to take your DIY game above and beyond home assembly, you're going to need to drill a few holes. That's where the wireless drill comes in. But first, we opened up the set to take a peek inside. Here's everything you'll find in the premium set: The square-shaped container is about the same thickness and width as the above sets, though it's about double the height and double the weight. Typically, cordless drills tend to be heavier and bulkier than corded drills, but HOTO wireless drill flips that stereotype on its head with a leaner and lighter design, not to mention mote stylish. That's not the only advantage it has over traditional drills. A screen on the drill's rear allows you to view the current speed, mode, and battery level. In pulse mode, the drill automatically pulses between high and low speeds. In part, this allows you to get used to using the drill before selecting your own speeds, but pulse drilling also has its uses for dealing with damaged screw heads or drilling through tougher materials. To select your own speeds, you can turn off pulse mode by pressing the circle button below the screen, then press plus and minus buttons on either side of the screen to adjust the speed. In total, there are 30 speeds to choose from. You can also adjust between screwing and drilling modes using the small switch on the top of the drill. Switching between bits is fairly simple as well – simply twist the drill's chuck (the head) to the left to release the bit, then insert another bit and twist to the right to secure it. Just like the electric screwdriver in the previous set, the drill uses a USB-C cable to charge, and one is included with the set. However, this set also includes a manual screwdriver, which can take the same screwdriver bits as the drill. Backing the project on Goboo Crowdfunding Hopefully this has helped you decide whether you would like to back this project from HOTO and which backing level is right for your DIY lifestyle. To secure your tool set, head to the Goboo Crowdfunding project page and click the "Back this project" button. Then, be sure to check back on the platform for more innovative projects!
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That's how fast 120W HyperCharge will fill your Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G battery!
How long do you think it takes to bring the 4,500 mAh battery of the Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G to full power with the 120 W HyperCharge technology? Find out in our challenge video!
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See the HOTO Cordless Screwdriver in action
Screwing can be so simple! What everyone might assume, this video proves: With an electric screwdriver you can work much faster than with a hand screwdriver. Work smart, not hard.
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HOTO Laser Measure – How does it work?
Check out this short video that shows you how easy it is to measure distances with the HOTO Laser Measure.
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#GobooUnboxing - 1MORE EVO Earphones
Launching today, the 1More EVO are our best earphones yet! You'll get studio-quality sound tuned by sound experts and easily customized to your listening preferences with our patented SoundID technology. And thanks to adaptive active noise cancelling (ANC) and LDAC codec, you'll enjoy crystal clear sound anytime, anywhere! Check out the video unboxing to see what's in store for you.
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#GobooUnboxing - 1MORE ComfoBuds Mini
Small but mighty: The 1MORE ComfoBuds Mini are among the smallest and lightest earphones available. The sound is all the more stunning and the active noise cancellation is unexpectedly
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#GobooUnboxing - 1MORE PistonBuds Pro
With patented QuietMax active noise cancellation technology and a special low-latency gaming mode, the PistonBuds are the perfect companions for effective sound in real time. Four
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#GobooUnboxing - HOTO Cordless Screwdriver
Our HOTO cordless screwdriver goes brrr! The compact tool makes you fit for the daily DIY needs. With 8 different bits for the most common standard screws and 5 Newton meters of torque, no screw remains loose.
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#GobooUnboxing - Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G
Clear the stage for the Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G! Look forward to 120 W HyperCharge and a powerful 5G processor - both quite unique in this price range!
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